Accessing Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy can be accessed either by referral from a physician or by self referral.


Although legally anyone can access physical therapy without a referral or prescription, many insurance companies still require it in order for services to be reimbursed by insurance. Check with your insurance for their policy. Referrals for physical therapy can be made by a:

  • Medical doctor (MD/DO)
  • Nurse Practitioner (FNP, ANP, NP, GNP)
  • Physicians Assistant (PA, PAC)
  • Podiatrist (DO)
  • Dentist (DDS, DMD)

When a medical provider make a referral for physical therapy, they will generally provide you with a prescription for physical therapy which may specify what needs to be done or they may leave it up to the Physical Therapist to decide based off their expertise. Legally you can take a physical therapy prescription to any physical therapy office within your state, so you have the choice to go wherever you want for PT. Often insurance companies do not contract with all physical therapy providers, and you need to be sure that your insurance company will cover services at the facility you choose. Feel free to call us and ask if we are contracted with your insurance!

Self Referral

All Oregon licensed physical therapists can legally provide care without a referral. To find a physical therapist, you can contact the Oregon Licensing Board, Oregon Physical Therapy Association, or the American Physical Therapy Association. Physical therapists specialize in different areas, such as: spine care, chronic pain, sports rehabilitation, pediatrics, geriatrics, etc. If you are not sure which therapy office is appropriate for you, call several offices in your area and let them know what you need physical therapy to address. If the office is not able to meet your needs, they will likely be able to refer you to an office that can. As noted above, be sure to check with your insurance company to see if they require a referral in order for your care to be covered by insurance.

Reimbursement for Physical Therapy

Cottage Grove Physical Therapy Services is a provider for ALL insurance companies in the state of Oregon. Some insurance policies require that you have a referral from your primary care physician in order for therapy to be covered, and some do not. You should always contact your insurance company to find out if this is required. Generally you will have either a co-pay due at the time of each visit or your insurance company will pay a percentage of your total physical therapy bill leaving the patient with a co-insurance (percentage) balance. Your benefits may also be subject to a deductible. There is a customer service number on your insurance card that you can call to get this information. If you have any difficulties finding out this information, feel free to contact us. As a courtesy, we always verify insurance benefits for patients so you will have an approximation of what your portion of payment will be.

For those patients who may not have medical insurance, Cottage Grove Physical Therapy does offer reduced rates for those who pay for services in full at the time of service. You may contact our office for more information.

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