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Cottage Grove Physical Therapy Services

Cottage Grove Physical Therapy Services is an outpatient physical therapy clinic located in Cottage Grove, Oregon in the Safeway complex. We are located a few doors down from Anytime Fitness and have access to their facilities. We are committed to providing local, quality care to our community so patients do not have to travel to Eugene to receive physical therapy care.

Physical Therapists use a variety of treatments to decrease pain and restore function. These may include manual therapy, exercise (of many varieties such as stabilization, Pilates, gym conditioning, stretching, Yoga, exercise balls, manual techniques), a variety of modalities, electrical stimulation, medication delivery, traction and many more.

Physical therapists have a variety of specialties including: Orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, spine care, geriatrics, pediatrics, TMJ, Neurology, chronic pain, vestibular and more. When seeking physical therapy for treatment, research to make sure you are seeing a therapist that is knowledgeable about your condition. You can find information from the local phone book, American Physical Therapy Association, Oregon Physical Therapy Association, local medical providers, and the Oregon Licensing Board. Please feel free to call our office if you have questions about the services we can provide for you!

Our office is conveniently located on Main Street in Cottage Grove within the Safeway Plaza. Our patients can enjoy FREE access to Anytime Fitness Center while receiving physical therapy care at our facility if the therapist feels it is appropriate. Physical therapy is generally a covered service by insurance companies, and we are providers for all local insurance companies (including Medicare). We recommend that you contact your insurance company.

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